2022 Conference

Pursuing Inclusivity:
The University and Beyond

Society for the Future of Higher Education
Request for Participation
2022 Conference
July 20-24
University of Denver

Our 2022 conference will focus on pursuing inclusivity. Drawing upon its new mission statement, The Society for the Future of Higher Education announces a three-year initiative for faculty and staff at a wide variety of institutions to develop and implement projects to make their institutions more inclusive, just, and equitable.

The meeting is less about presenting work, but more importantly about serving as an incubator for new ideas and initiatives. Therefore, individuals and/or campus cohorts will connect as interdisciplinary teams in productive conversation and consultation, subsequently, they will leave the meeting with action plans to pursue when they return to their home campuses and communities. The teams will focus on the following areas:

  • Inclusion and pedagogy/curricula
  • Underrepresentation among all campus constituencies
  • Community engagement and inclusion
  • The fully inclusive/integrative campus (disciplinary inclusivity/collaboration)

Teams and presenters might share:

  • Theoretical explorations of why and how inclusivity improves campus or society
  • Course design and syllabi examples
  • Working inclusivity statements policies (from courses to departments to general
  • campus)
  • Case studies and experiments of inclusivity work on campuses
  • Strategies for enhancing experiences of inclusivity for students, staff, and/or faculty
  • Successes and challenges in incorporating inclusion efforts on campus and the classroom

Applications to participate should be approximately 250 words and detail the idea or initiative that the individual or team will be developing.

Deadline to submit proposal: April 15, 2022
Questions? Contact or Terry Shoemaker

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