2022 Conference

Pursuing Inclusivity:
The University and Beyond

Society for the Future of Higher Education
2022 Conference
July 20-24
University of Denver

Drawing upon its new mission statement, The Society for the Future of Higher Education announces a three-year initiative for faculty and staff at a wide variety of institutions to develop and implement projects to make their institutions more inclusive, just, and equitable. Our 2022 conference will focus on inclusivity.

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Dr. Assata Zerai

Wednesday, July 20
Decolonizing the Westernized University:Black Feminist Interventions

In this presentation I analyze my experiences of centering women and Black and Brown communities over a 25-year career as a professor teaching decolonial research methodologies from a student-centered radical Black feminist orientation. I seek to examine ways to bridge the gap created by the disciplinary exclusions of the voices and contributions of the communities our students come from, and namely the exclusion of African and Black women scholars.

Dr. Assata Zerai serves as the Vice President for Equity and Inclusion and Professor of Sociology at the University of New Mexico. A decolonial feminist scholar, Zerai has published five books and numerous articles, including African Women, ICT and Neoliberal Politics: The Challenge of Gendered Digital Divides to People-Centered Governance (Routledge 2019).

Dr. D-L Stewart

Thursday, July 21

Transformative Change and Social Justice in Higher Education
Higher Education institutions have struggled to move the needle towards transformative change that “sticks” and improves the life chances and educational possibilities of minoritized students. How institutions orient themselves towards change is at the root of this struggle.

Dr. D-L Stewart is Professor and Chair of the Higher Education Department in the Morgridge College of Education at the University of Denver. Dr. Stewart has served as an ACPA Senior Scholar and is now the 2022 Past President for the Association for the Study of Higher Education.