Yonca Cuzbuk

Originally from Istanbul, Turkey, she received her undergraduate degree from St. Francis College where she majored in History. She received her MA in History from the University of North Dakota in 2018. She is currently a third year PhD student at the Arizona State University’s Religious Studies program. Her research looks at the intersection of Islam, modernity, identity, and consumption. As a first-generation scholar whose native language is Turkish, she is especially interested in inclusivity and diversity in her teaching outlook and constantly looking for ways to make knowledge and knowledge-production accessible to underprivileged and excluded groups.

Scott Lee

Dr. Scott Lee serves as the Chair of the Department of Criminal Justice and Political Science at Indiana University East. After practicing law for more than 30 years, Dr. Lee returned to the university and received a Master’s in Public Administration and a Doctorate of Arts in Political Science with the intention of finishing out his career teaching at the university level. He has been teaching public administration and political science courses at IU East for the past six years with an emphasis on helping students understand the importance of listening to understand what others are saying and why and then to use critical thinking skills to make decisions. Dr. Lee is currently the Chair of the LEAP Indiana Strategy and Innovation Committee.  He additionally serves on the Graduate Affairs Council and as the American Democracy Project representative at IU East and as a co-chair of the Public Administration Section of the World Social Science Association.

Brandon Render

Brandon James Render is an Assistant Professor in the History Department at the University of Utah. His current book project, Colorblind University: A History of Racial Inequity in Higher Education, traces the historical development of race-neutral ideas in colleges and universities throughout the twentieth century. His teaching interests include U.S. social and intellectual history and the Black intellectual tradition.

Amy Salmeto-Jonson

Amy L. Salmeto-Jonson serves as an assistant professor of Psychology at Indiana University Kokomo where she teaches General Psychology and upper level courses in her specialty of Neuroscience. Additionally, she conducts animal research related to stress disorders such as anxiety and depression. As the first child of a teacher family she is always interested in growing her knowledge and skills to help students find success.”

Joshua Mugg

Joshua Mugg is an Assistant Professor at Park University in Kansas where he coordinates Philosophy, Religion, and Interdisciplinary Studies. He works in philosophy of psychology, mind, and religion, primarily studying architecture, belief, and faith.

Sarrah Grubb

Sarrah Grubb serves as an Assistant Professor of Education at Indiana University, Kokomo.  She earned her Ph.D. in Educational Administration from the department of Educational Leadership at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.  She has varied experience in education, including teaching at the elementary, middle school, and high school levels, and coordinating curriculum, instruction, and professional development across all levels of schooling.  She rediscovered teaching as soul work through an appointment at a rural work college in the hills of eastern Kentucky, where she became dedicated to collaborating and co-creating curriculum with preservice teachers as they develop their teacher hearts.  She continues this work with undergraduates at IUK, firmly believing that this collaboration is a path to achieving equity in the classroom